Multitude SE: Lasse Mäkelä neuer Investor Relations-Chef

Freitag, 14. Oktober 2022

Pressemitteilung der Multitude SE:

Lasse Mäkelä starts to head Investor Relations and joins the Leadership Team

Multitude SE (ISIN: FI4000106299, WKN: A1W9NS) (“Multitude” or “the Group”) announces that Lasse Mäkelä will, effective 13th October take on the responsibility of Head of Investor Relations (IR) in addition to his existing roles and join the Group’s Leadership team.

Lasse joined Multitude in 2021 to head the Mergers and Acquisitions activities of the Group. In his additional role of leading external communications, he has been an active contributor to the overall Group strategy, which strongly bridges to IR. As Head of IR, he succeeds Hannes Merlecker, who has decided to pursue opportunities outside the Group.

Lasse will continue to report to Multitude’s CEO, Jorma Jokela and he will be working closely with the CFO, Bernd Egger on IR related matters. Lasse is responsible for maintaining relationships with investors and analysts, and for supporting them in understanding the firm’s business model, long-term strategy, governance and financial performance.

Before joining Multitude, Lasse has had a long career in finance, most recently being the Founder and CEO of a Finnish equity-based crowdfunding platform, Invesdor, which operates as a matching service between investors and growth companies, where he, together with his team, successfully helped more than 170 companies to raise growth funding.

“We want to thank Hannes for his contribution and work for Multitude. As his successor, Lasse is perfectly positioned to take on this new responsibility as a natural continuum to his current roles that he has handled with success. We warmly welcome him to the Leadership Team and look forward to creating an even stronger bond between the business and our overall communications,” said Jorma Jokela, Founder and CEO.

“As a Group, our vision is to become the most valued financial ecosystem through Multitude’s growth platform that enables businesses to grow and scale faster than if they were on their own.  I am honored about this opportunity to take a bigger role in sharing our exceptional story, vision, and strategy to our stakeholders,” said Lasse Mäkelä, Chief Strategy and IR Officer.

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