PlusPlus Capital im ersten Halbjahr 2022 auf Wachstumskurs

Mittwoch, 17. August 2022

Pressemitteilung der PlusPlus Capital Financial S.à r.l.:

PlusPlus Capital continues growth course in 6M 2022

Strong portfolio development providing future earnings base

PlusPlus Capital (“PPC”), a leading Pan-Baltic and Finnish technology-driven receivable management group, has recorded a successful 6M 2022.

In 6M 2022, PPC achieved an increase in collected cash of 36% to EUR 10.6 million. With a significant increase in cash collections, PPC is seeing encouragingly lower cost performance.

Expected remaining collections (ERC) as of 30 June 2022 totaled EUR 177.8 million including EUR 8.4 million in Finland, EUR 63.7 million in Estonia, EUR 48.1 million in Latvia and EUR 57.6 million in Lithuania.

In 6M 2022, PPC more than doubled the size of acquired portfolios with a 211% increase to EUR 8.4 million. While total assets increased by 13% to EUR 125 million, the book value of the portfolios gained 18% to EUR 118 million. Equity grew by 35% with an equity injection of EUR 3.6 million to EUR 46 million as of 30 June 2022.

“The current inflation environment continues to offer PlusPlus Capital attractive growth opportunities from potential portfolio acquisitions. As underlined by the portfolio acquisitions in 6M 2022, which already exceed the total volume of the previous year,” said Kaarel Raik, CEO of PlusPlus Capital.


Prior-year figures are not comparable as a result of the change in accounting policy from FVTPL (fair value through profit or loss) to amortized cost and the inclusion of Fresh Finance from 01/2022, unless otherwise stated. Re-stated figures to be reported at the beginning of quarterly reporting in November 2022.

The full unaudited half-year report is available at:

PlusPlus Capital Financial S.à r.l.


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