Multitude (Ferratum) legt ersten ESG-Bericht im Rahmen der überarbeiteten Konzernstrategie vor

Dienstag, 5. April 2022

Pressemitteilung der Multitude SE:

Multitude SE publishes first ESG Report under revised Group strategy

Multitude is accelerating efforts to improve its ESG approach. The Group intends to transform financial services through automation and customisation and better serve customers and stakeholders through enhanced ESG integration into its practices. The latest ESG report demonstrates this commitment.

Multitude SE has published the ESG Report 2021, the first report detailing the new ESG strategy, following the Group’s rebranding to Multitude. The Group strategy positions Multitude as a fully regulated growth platform for financial technology in line with the vision to become the most valued financial ecosystem. The ESG strategy builds on this vision and the Group ambition to democratise financial services through digitalisation, making them fast, easy, and green.

The ESG report 2021 outlines first steps towards integrating ESG into the Group’s strategy and the ESG Goals for 2025. Multitude’s focus will be on social and governance matters related to people and processes, the two areas of significant impact and risk, whilst also embedding green and sustainable practices in ways of working.

The ESG strategy will be implemented within the Group’s three tribes; Ferratum, a consumer lender, CapitalBox, a business lender, and SweepBank, a shopping and financing app that have each set ESG goals incorporating differences in customer segments.

The three tribes or individual business units, in the Multitude ecosystem, SweepBank, Ferratum, and CapitalBox are poised to enable delivery of the Group ESG goals, leveraging proprietary technology and the tribe segmentation model to drive financial inclusion and aligninment of lending towards a more sustainable product offering, particularly with regards to SMEs“ says Group ESG Officer, Nontokozo Khumalo

By 2025, the Group aims to:

1. Embed ESG conscious practices within the tribes and chapters

2. Monitor, report on, and improve stakeholder well-being

3. Understand and reduce the Group’s environmental footprint

The Group is committed to measuring its carbon footprint in 2022 and has plans to develop appropriate targets. Multitude is working with a Swedish-based company, Normative, to support efforts in measuring the carbon footprint of the Group.

The Group has also been redefining its employee value proposition, aiming to become an employer of choice in the FinTech community by continuing to build on the current strong employee value proposition. All employees now work within a hybrid model set-up, and offices are being re-assessed to support the needs of this new way of working.

Link to ESG report can be found here.

Multitude SE


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